Nurturing Community Within and Without

We want to turn ex-care home, Morrell House in Clifton, into

  • a caring community of flats and shared housing
  • collectively managed by the residents
  • affordable rent forever
  • eco-friendly homes with low energy bills
  • an amazing place for community activity in Burton Green

We have planning permission! We're working on a business plan, raising money and training ourselves up to run our co-operative together - it will take a while!

Join Us!

We’re looking for people who will want to live there in the future or who just think it’s great and want to help make it happen.

We’re looking for people who want to join in other community activities that we might start in the area - gardening, a food co-op, bike-fixing, a library… the ideas keep coming!

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Morrell House is opposite Burton Green Primary School, at the junction of Burton Stone Lane and Burton Green (Kingsway North), with Bootham stray just behind.